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About Us

  • What is the Awakening Ecclesia School of Ministry?
    AESOM is a ministry that focuses on teaching, equipping, and training individuals who are passionate about becoming church planters, ministry leaders, and disciples with a Kingdom mindset. Our goal is to empower a new generation of pioneers in the church who are ready to make an impact in this exciting era of church history. Join us in this journey of growth and transformation!
  • Who is the Awakening School of Ministry for?
    AESOM is for anyone who is looking to elevate their spiritual growth. Get exclusive access to original and curated content to deepen your understanding of scripture. Enhance your spiritual journey with practical tips for daily application. Connect with like-minded believers in our online community who share your passion for spiritual growth.
  • Will my subscription automatically renew?
    Yes! If you are on our monthly membership plan, it will automatically renew each month.
  • Can I Cancel at Any Time?
    Yes! Although, we'd be sad to see you go, you can cancel anytime. Access to your membership will end on your next monthly billing date.

Stovall & Kerri Weems

Stovall and Kerri Weems are the founders of Awakening Ecclesia School of Ministry, Celebration Church of Jacksonville, Celebration Global , and several other churches and ministries in the US and around the world. They are the founders of AWKNG and the AWKNG Alliance. They are also the co-founders of the AWKNG  School of Theology along with the late Dr. Micheal Heiser, who was a key mentor in the area of theology to Pastor Stovall and Kerri. Much of Dr. Heiser’s theological work is very evident at AESOM. Stovall and Kerri have been serving the Lord Jesus and ministering the gospel faithfully for over 30 years.


​Since Stovall’s life altering encounter with the Lord on Passover of 2018, their focus has been set on teaching and proclaiming the message birthed from it. Because of this message, Stovall and Kerri faced intense persecution, opposition, hatred, betrayal, and loss beyond anything they could have imagined. Through it all, they experienced the  sustaining grace and love of God, the supernatural power of the Holy Spirit, and peace that passes all understanding. They have experienced the extraordinary healing power of being in authentic community with sincere believers. Still unwavering in the mission imparted to them, the Weems have a powerful testimony of confronting evil, standing firm in the Lord, and overcoming seemingly impossible odds. Both their church, Awakening Ecclesia, and the Awakening Ecclesia School of Ministry are the outflow and evidence of God’s faithfulness.

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