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Awakening the Church. Equipping and Mobilizing the Priesthood of Believers.

Are you ready to walk into your ministry calling?

Our Ministry Certification Program combines structured study, practicum, evaluation, and coaching designed to prepare you for activation in ministry. 

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Central Themes in the Ministry Training Certification
and Church Planting Programs
Deuteronomy 32 Worldview_.jpg

Let the Deuteronomy 32 Worldview revolutionize your understanding ministry

Develop a thorough understanding of the Deuteronomy 32 worldview. Discover practical instruction and application by studying church planting from a 1st century Hebrew perspective and applying the principles in our 21st century context.

Priesthood of the Believer_.png

Priesthood of the Believer: Imaging the Lord as a Royal Priest of Yahweh

Humans were originally designed to function as imagers of Yahweh in His earthly Kingdom. Learn the biblical history of the priesthood in Israel and discover humankind’s original responsibilities as priests of Yahweh. Explore the biblical concept of God's people as priests, including their functions, duties, and places in the created order. 

Sacred Space_ Temple patterns in Context_.png

Understand the History and Transformational Power of Sacred Space and How to Apply it in Your Daily Life 

Explore the scriptures and discover sacred space, life, cleansing, transformation, and the priestly function from Genesis to Revelation. Dive into temple themes throughout scripture, the concept of creation as a temple and people as its priests through their roles as we unpack the final destiny of humankind.

Friday Evening (The Table)_.png

Discover the Power of Shabbat and the Lord's Table

Deep dive into themes surrounding the Sabbath to unpack its full significance as an act of remembrance (past), an act of worship (present), and as a proclamation of hope for the age to come (future). 

Biblical Festivals_.png

Transform Your Life by Engaging the Overlap (Appointed Times and Biblical Festivals / Yahweh's Appointed Times)

The biblical feasts are a blueprint of Gods divine ways and prophetic timeline. Unpack themes surrounding the Biblical festivals to discover their connection to the continuing and triumphant story of God’s people from creation to the new Eden. 

Origins_ The Cosmic Storyline of the Bible in Genesis 1-11_.png

Origins: The Cosmic Storyline of the Bible as You've Never Understood it Before

Complete an in-depth study on the first eleven chapters of the book of Genesis. Analyze and interpret the foundational origin story of the cosmic created order, divine intent, human identity, chaos, rebellion, and judgement. Deep dive into the 3 rebellions in Genesis 1-11 and an overview of Deuteronomy 32:8 and divine council worldviews. 

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Awakening Ecclesia's School of Ministry certificate program provides a well-rounded and in-depth biblical approach that provides a comprehensive practicum of God's scripture, patterns, intentions, whole story, and our place within His plan from the original context.

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