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Daily Devotionals

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Hi everyone! I am so grateful to be in this ministry school. It keeps developing and progressing just like we as God's personal mobile temples do. I recently heard a minister say it takes a whole life to become a good mother or good father. So in all things we just keep improving. I visited Israel last year, and my experience was so refreshing. I did life with people from a variety of nations, and felt such a freedom to just be open, authentic, and connect amidst all of our different unique giftings and interests. Prayer request: To find some new God ordained friendships since I am living in a new city, and to develop my wardrobe as the culture where I am dress completely different than my preference. I like loose and flowing outfits and the city I moved to is more like LLBean, basic, and simple. Thank you! Warm regards, Jade

Israel has my heart!

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Hey Jade! God to hear from you. Praying for you as well. If you dont mind me asking, what city are you living in now?





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