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The Gospel of the Kingdom, The Book of Revelations

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Reading Plan

This Bible reading plan is based upon the Weekly Torah Readings.

Learn. Practice. Activate.

The Awakening Ecclesia School of Ministry (AESOM) is a teaching, equipping, and training ministry with a mission to train and release a new generation of church planters, ministry leaders, and Kingdom-minded disciples who are called to be pioneers in this exciting era of church history.

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Daily Bible reading plans, devotions, combine with Bible study curricula, interactive group discussions, and an expanding library of original content and thoughtfully curated resources help you read the scriptures with new eyes as part of the Whole Story of King Jesus.



Training, coaching, and group dynamics online and in person (where available) provide opportunities to apply what you learn and grow in your ability to exercise your spiritual gifts to build up the body.

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Our Ministry Certification Program combines structured study, practicum, evaluation, and coaching designed to prepare you for activation in ministry. Our Church Planting Program builds upon the Ministry Certification Program and prepares participants to plant new wine-skin churches where money, attendance, and influence aren’t measures of success.

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